Weather Schools in The Northeast - 2018 Ranking

In 2018, we have evaluated weather 17 schools offering majors in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. team ranks Pennsylvania State University (University Park, PA), Rutgers University New Brunswick, and SUNY the best three weather colleges in the Northeast.

See the Top 17 Weather schools in the Northeast below or narrow your search by program, state, or city in the Northeast.

Top 17 weather schools in the Northeast:

Pennsylvania State University - Weather School Ranking
1. Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA, 3 weather programs

Rutgers University New Brunswick - Weather School Ranking
2. Rutgers University New Brunswick

New Brunswick, NJ, 3 weather programs

SUNY at Albany - Weather School Ranking
3. SUNY at Albany

Albany, NY, 3 weather programs

Princeton University - Weather School Ranking
4. Princeton University

Princeton, NJ, 2 weather programs

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Weather School Ranking
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA, 4 weather programs

Cornell University - Weather School Ranking
6. Cornell University

Ithaca, NY, 3 weather programs

New York University - Weather School Ranking
7. New York University

New York City, NY, 1 weather program

Plymouth State University - Weather School Ranking
8. Plymouth State University

Plymouth, NH, 2 weather programs

SUNY Maritime College - Weather School Ranking
9. SUNY Maritime College

Bronx, NY, 1 weather program

Stony Brook University - Weather School Ranking
10. Stony Brook University

Stony Brook, NY, 1 weather program

SUNY Oneonta - Weather School Ranking
11. SUNY Oneonta

Oneonta, NY, 1 weather program

Western Connecticut State University - Weather School Ranking
12. Western Connecticut State University

Danbury, CT, 1 weather program

Millersville University of Pennsylvania - Weather School Ranking
13. Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Millersville, PA, 2 weather programs

SUNY College at Oswego - Weather School Ranking
14. SUNY College

Oswego, NY, 1 weather program

Lyndon State College - Weather School Ranking
15. Lyndon State College

Lyndonville, VT, 1 weather program

SUNY College at Brockport - Weather School Ranking
16. SUNY College

Brockport, NY, 2 weather programs

Pennsylvania State University World - Weather School Ranking
17. Pennsylvania State University World

University Park, PA, 1 weather program

Weather schools in the Northeast by state:

Schools by State1 Weather Schools in ConnecticutNo Weather Schools in Maine1 Weather Schools in Massachusetts1 Weather Schools in New Hampshire2 Weather Schools in New Jersey8 Weather Schools in New York3 Weather Schools in PennsylvaniaNo Weather Schools in Rhode Island1 Weather Schools in Vermont

Weather programs in the Northeast:

Atmospheric Sciences: 15 schools
General Meteorology: 3 schools

Weather schools in other regions:

Midwest: 23 schools
South: 30 schools
West: 17 schools

Popular weather school cities in the Northeast:

in Connecticut:
Danbury: 1 school
in Massachusetts:
Cambridge: 1 school
in New Hampshire:
Plymouth: 1 school
in New Jersey:
New Brunswick: 1 school
Princeton: 1 school
in New York:
Albany: 1 school
Brockport: 1 school
Bronx: 1 school
Ithaca: 1 school
New York City: 1 school
Oneonta: 1 school
Oswego: 1 school
Stony Brook: 1 school
in Pennsylvania:
Millersville: 1 school
University Park: 2 schools
in Vermont:
Lyndonville: 1 school © 2018 · Home · Terms of Use · Methodology